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9/22/10 07:34 am - Weight Loss Ticker

Might as well.
'Sides--they're cute. :)

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10/5/08 06:44 pm - I rarely post over here

But I just got spammed three times in a manner of minutes from some russian spammers (ladies, cut it the fuck out, thank you). Yes, I deleted the spam, and reported it as part of the delete (nice feature, guys!).

So, since I don't actually post here often, I've changed the comments to 'friends only'. Because I hate getting commentary I can't read.

Love and hugs to everyone here. :)

5/13/08 07:39 am - My cat

is a giant butt.

No, really. She's growing. She's twice the length she used to be...and it's all in her hindquarters. And she's an inch taller than a DVD case now.

But she still looks small.

Dude. My tiny little kitten is not going to be tiny. XD.

5/12/08 06:53 pm - Oh God My Ears...!

What Einstein let Tony Romo sing at the Cubs game?

Can we shoot them?

...Can we shoot Tony? PLEASE?? He already sounds like he's dying!

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4/27/08 04:22 pm - Notes on watching 'The Girls Next Door'

Hugh Hefner really favors bleach-blonds. He has three of them living in his house, after all.

Said bleach blonds seemed to have bleached their brains right along with their hair.

A bleach-brained blond trying to sound smart sounds even dumber than a typical dumb person.

...I'd be hard pressed not to start laughing if I came face to face with any of them.

Oh, yeah, and Denise Richard's commercials for her own new show?

"Gold Digger, marriage breaker, bad mother, bitch? Now it's time to tell the truth." (I may have missed a few words there).

Anyhow, Denise? Hate to break it to you, but those are all true, baby cakes. And making a 'reality show' to try and prove people wrong?

It's kinda like someone saying they aren't eating grandma's cookies while their hand is still in the jar.


4/27/08 08:53 am - Man...

I've forgotten how tight a properly fitting bra feels. Or maybe it just feels tight because I've been wearing ones with bands that are too big for me.

Either way, I have to agree that what they say is true. If you want to look your best, you need to wear the right fitting bra.

Under the cut are my pics from last week in comparison to this week. It's not much of a difference, with as big as I am, but at least my boobs don't look like they're trying to exit stage left and right now. *g*

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4/27/08 08:18 am - This morning, Foot and I were woke up

By some poor cat that got caught outside in the rain and thunder.

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4/26/08 10:49 pm - Low fat, lower cal hot chocolate

I love my chocolate.

I've quit eating it in solid form for a little bit, though, to help with my weight loss goals.

Hot chocolate was a decent sub, but still a bit sugary (I use Ghirardelli brand, which has a lot more 'real' chocolate in comparison to something like Swiss Miss, which is mostly sugar with chocolate flavoring, but it still has a lot of 'empty' sugar).

I had also run out of it, and had accidentally picked up a tin of the unsweetened baking cocoa someone had left in with the hot chocolate.

I repeat: I love my chocolate.

So, here's what I came up with.

1 cup nonfat milk
4 tablespoons Ghirardelli unsweetened baking cocoa.
1 packet stevia sweetener.

You can either nuke the milk, or warm it up on the stove top. If you use the microwave, heat on high for two to three minutes, add the chocolate and stevia after you heat it, or you'll get boil over. You'll have to work hard to stir out all the chocolate clumps though, because whatever they add to the cocoa mix to keep it strictly powdery, they don't add to the baking cocoa.

If you use the stove-top (preferred), use medium-high heat, put in the cocoa at the start, and keep stirring as the milk gets warmer (you get less clumps this way). Add the stevia right before the milk would normally boil, stir to blend it in, pour into a cup, and drink.

You can also add cinnamon for an extra taste treat.


For a quick reference:

A cup of

Ghirardelli Mocha Chocolate Mocha has 130 calories, 33 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat, and 2 grams of protein
Ghirardelli Unsweetened baking cocoa has 60 calories, 12 grams of carbs, 6 grams of fat, and 4 grams of protein

The nonfat milk adds 86 calories, 12 grams of carbs, no fat, and 8 grams of protein.


4/26/08 07:01 pm - Argh!

Okay, some people are just dumb.

Outdoor cats. I don't agree with the concept, just because of all the possible things that could go wrong that would guarantee Kitty never makes it home again, or if s/he does, could be in some pretty nasty shape.

That doesn't mean though, that I'll get on my soap-box and tell owners who do let Kitty outside not to do that. It's not a fight worth having, and I'd be hypocritical for getting into one over it because when I was younger, I did have indoor/outdoor cats. What changed my own mind was exactly the scenario mentioned above; Tass never came home one night, and it's hard to tell if he was picked up by someone else (no 'found' posters ever appeared), got hit by a car (Never saw a corpse on the side of the road that looked like him), or got eaten by a coyote or hawk (good luck finding the remains if that happened). So, no outdoor cats for me.

Since I took Foot in, I've seen two more cats outside--one gray, one white, both well fed. In fact, as of today, I've seen the gray a total of five times. He's a handsome boy, friendly as hell (he made a beeline for the door when I opened it a few minutes ago, and would have got in if I hadn't reacted quickly), sleek fur, well-muscled and groomed. No doubt whatsoever that he has an owner somewhere.

He's also intact, which means there's a good chance he was the daddy of the kittens Foot didn't have, and probably of many others that I'll never see.

I will never lecture someone on the whole indoor/outdoor issue.

But I'm ready to beat the hell out of the irresponsible human who's letting their intact Tom run around.


4/26/08 12:16 pm - Flea meds distributed.

First dose of Foot's monthly flea-drugging has been done now. We had a good two hour grooming session before that, where she got brushed and combed in every possible way, so hopefully that will make up for the sudden advent of 'YUCK! MY NECK FUR IS WET!!!!'.

So I'll give that an hour to dry and then go pet her for a bit again.

Really, other than the spraying part, she put up with it all really well, and got into the whole brushing, combing thing with a lot of purring and willingness to be put on either side and on her back so I could get all of her.

My bed sheets are speckled with the bodies of the dead, now, so I'll consider this a success. There were only a couple of adult fleas, but plenty of tiny off-spring. The sheets are going to get boiled in the washer here, during the next load, after the towels and bed towels Foot uses.

These little bastards are going down.

4/25/08 07:40 pm - I Hate Texas Sometimes. :(

Foot is a strictly indoor kitty.

Foot, however (or rather, some uninvited guests), made it known that she has fleas!



Anyhow, Mom Went To The Store upon making this discovery, and bought everything from the collar and one-month applications to sprays for both Foot and the floor (and other flea hidey spots).

We then proceeded to have our first real Test of Trust this evening as I sprayed the hell out of her (and the fleas). There was much quiet meowing, once accidental catch of arm skin, and a lot of huddling and attempts at running away. But some love and treats put things aright afterward, so even though she's still a bit spikey at the moment, she's on her usual sofa arm and napping.

And now, for you viewing pleasure, I present Foot

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4/20/08 09:32 pm - I can see why

Full Metal Alchemist is so popular.

Well done.

I am pleased I used some of my credit with the DVD club on this series. :)

4/20/08 07:25 am - And to think...

Last year around this time? When I wore a towel, there was always a two-or-greater inch gap around my waist and hips, even with the 'extra full' sized bath towels.

Now? I have two inches to spare on the towel, and no more gaps. :)

4/20/08 05:27 am - Wide Awake and full of SQUEEEEEE!!!




I'm 175!!!


4/19/08 10:29 pm - LOL!

Oh man.

So the main 'hero' in 30 days of Night basically does the same damn thing to himself that Derek does in order to save his friends.

Oh man.

4/19/08 09:39 pm - Well, I can add this to the list of 'weird things I've done', now.

So, at least on me, a pair of DDD breasts come to a grand total of seven pounds.

Just so you all know. :)

4/19/08 06:11 pm - Food Report from the day

Another old trick revisited to see if that helps any.

I haven't eaten the strawberries or drank the cocoa yet--that'll be later as my dessert.
I I hadn't done cheese in the refried beans, I would have been golden on the fat intake. So another lesson learned; even reduced fat cheese is not reduced enough. :)

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4/19/08 03:04 pm - Pics Pics Pics

So here's how I look today at 179 pounds. I got a way to go, but I think I'm in lots better shape than when I started.

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4/19/08 10:01 am - Two notes on Foot

Fish. Not chicken, beef, eggs, or even shell fish.
It's gotta be the scaley, swimming kind or nothing at all.
And please no brown rice filler--that's just yuck as far as she's concerned (some of the 'good/healthy' brands have 'brown rice and __' as flavors.)

Also, she thinks Mom's stinky laundry is even better than catnip. XD.

4/13/08 09:57 pm - Movie Recommendation

The Host.

From Korea.
Released by Magnolia Home Entertainment.

This is the first 'horror flick' since An American Werewolf in London I've had so much fun watching.

Seriously, guys. Give this one a try. :)
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